Žalov Science and Technology Park

VTP Žalov

STP Žalov effectively unites the benefits of all three sites the area offers. Like STP Roztoky and SP Roztoky, it provides premises to researchers in mechanical engineering, electronics, IT and other related fields.

A total of three buildings are being constructed here for research and manufacturing, a number of administrative buildings. This means that STP Žalov will become a location designed not just for research and manufacturing, but also a place for meeting up, learning and exchanging opinions.

The research and development buildings have four storeys. The buildings have two basement storeys with shared garages and the building’s technology services. The roof hosts spaces for silent technologies. Also included is a reception, conference hall, stores and alternative premises for research facilities.

Also considered are parking and other benefits. As such, the site includes spaces for sitting down, a multi-purpose sports ground and playground. All buildings and hard surfaces within the STP Žalov site are wheelchair-accessible. People with reduced mobility have separate parking spaces reserved for them outside, as well as disabled toilets inside.

Premises for lease from 2019:

Scientific workplaces, offices, common space, testing facilities and business incubators – over 11 000 m²


Žalov Science and Technology Park (STP Žalov) is located in Roztoky u Prahy, which as a result of its proximity to the capital city is hallmarked for dynamic development. A combination of a quiet location, proximity to the capital, the construction of new residential projects and easy accessibility make the location an attractive and pleasant place for your working and personal life.

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