Premises available to lease from 2019

Planning a strategic decision to develop your science and research activities? Got a rough idea what your new premises should look like? An ideal opportunity for investors who pose similar questions to adapt their future workplace in precise accordance with their needs.
We are currently preparing two science centre projects for similar purposes. 
VTP Buštěhrad VTP Žalov
STP Buštěhrad (planned launch in 2019) STP Žalov
Location: Buštěhrad u Kladna (from Prague: 20 minut by car) Location: Roztoky (linked to current STP and SP)
Focus: light industry Docus: Mechanical engineering, electronics, IT and other related fields
Future premises to lease: 2x 6 500  Future premises to lease: over 11 000  
More about the project More about the project

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