Buštěhrad Science and Technology Park

VTP Buštěhrad

STP Buštěhrad is an upcoming enclosed administrative and research site with two separate buildings with offices and research workplaces and laboratories in the light industry field.

Both buildings have four above-ground storeys. The basement storeys contain shared garages, technology services and stores, while the premises’ roof hosts spaces for silent building technologies. The main entrances to both buildings are wheelchair-accessible. The first above-ground level (ground floor) contains heavy and light laboratories and testing operations. Past the entrance is the reception. Building A contains conference halls and a café with offices and laboratories on higher levels. An internal atrium and terrace which brighten up the whole space on Levels 3 and 4 can be enjoyed by workers at the site. Also incorporated is a green experimental area which can be used for special projects and activities of individual tenants.

STP Buštěhrad’s facilities means it is gradually becoming one of Europe’s leading centres of science, research and development. Trigema holding is building on the latest trends in the design and construction of such centres so as to accommodate the demanding requirements of tenants.
To the east of the planned site, whose area is a total of 17 730 m2, is the newly built UCEEB university research centre. Its proximity to Kladno and Prague represents the ideal solution for STP Buštěhrad and its users. Nearby are not just major transport nodes which ensure fast travel both within the Czech Republic and abroad, but also newly constructed commercial and residential infrastructure. This is located both in Kladno and nearby Prague, making STP Buštěhrad a unique place for your further growth.

Premises for lease from 2019:

Scientific workplaces, offices, common space, testing facilities and business incubators – 2x 6 500 m²


The territory on which Buštěhrad Science and Technology Park (STP Buštěhrad) is located lies west of Prague between Kladno and the village of Buštěhrad in an already established industrial zone. In transport terms, STP Buštěhrad is connected to Třinecká street, which goes through the industrial zone and links to the I/61 road at the edge of Buštěhrad, which leads west to Kladno, or east to the R7 road to Prague.